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Rosemary Suds Bar Shampoo

Slice Soapworks

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Rosemary Suds Bar Shampoo

This is a bar shampoo. Rosemary Suds get's it's cleansing power from beer and a nice herbally aroma from essential oils of Rosemary and Tea Tree. Some might think it's a bit of sacrilege to use beer in a shampoo bar, but the extra vitamins and nutrients in the beer are good for your hair. Don't worry the alcohol has been cooked out as it goes through the soap making process. Rinsing with beer after shampooing used to be thought to be a good tonic but the extra alcohol in beer used this way can be drying for your locks. We use a Garrison Brewery's Nut Brown Ale. Why? If the maxim for wine is don't cook with anything you wouldn't drink, I think the same should be true of beer!

Features of this bar: beer shampoo, essential oils of rosemary and tea tree, good travel bar- one bar does everything

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