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natural goat milk soaps

We all love our luxuries and it's a luxury to feel good about it too. Slice Soapworks natural goat milk soaps are made with fresh goat's milk, vegetable oils and packaged in biodregradeable wraps. Yes, our creamy soap is wonderful for your skin and you can feel great using it inside and out! We are located in a little corner of Nova Scotia. It is a pleasure and inspiration to start with ingredients that are grown right here.

Our customers say....
I bought the tea tree soap last weekend. I LOVE it. I have noticed a difference in my skin in just a few days. It is mild enough for me and i will be purchasing again. Samantha Marie
LOVE LOVE LOVE my Earth Child Hand & Body Lotion I purchased from you today!! Thanks so very much! Karen
While visiting the market in Halifax, I purchased a number if items. All of them are great but the deoderant is the best ever. Thank you. Marylou

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